About Us

We created Buddha Collective as a place where patients can receive health products in a safe and affordable environment. We only obtain our medicine from our members which creates a closed loop network. Members who have the ability to grow and have extra medicine we are more then happy to provide a channel for them to share with other members. Members who are not experienced yet still have the desire to grow we can offer assistance in setting up a grow for our members. We believe in providing reasonable compensation for their work.

We support Americans for safe access Norml as well as other organizations that help to further medical marijuana. Our Need for Weed program sponsors needy patients who have a serious medical condition with free medicine. The program sponsors one patient for every 50 active members. By joining our collective you have the ability to help someone in need of weed.

At Buddha Collective we strive to provide an environment where are patients can support each other and thrive. Buddha Collective does not buy from outside of the collective and encourages its member s who are able to cultivate to grow on behalf of Buddha Collective. If you are not experienced at cultivating we can provide an expert who can assist you in setting up your grow. Please feel free to contact if you would be interested in becoming a cultivating member of our collective.

To become a part of the Collective, you will need to become a member. Our membership process is easy and efficient.
Buddha Collective is compassionate about helping the less fortunate and offers discounts for Need for Weed program – For every 50 active members of Buddha Collective we will sponsor an individual with a serious condition who is not able to afford medical marijuana.

We offer a 5 gram eigth for 1st time patients. We also offer a free gram for patient referrals.

We recognize that members of our collective may have difficulty traveling to us due to lack of mobility or other issues. We offer FREE delivery for these individuals. The distance to your location will determine if there is a minimum order required.